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Anti-Reflection Devices

Don’t settle for anything less than the BEST! Block glint and stop reflections with the same killFlash® ARD’s in use by militaries around the world.

Tactical Tough Flip Covers

Tenebraex has designed the world's most trusted flip cover for virtually any optical device. Provide your clients with the same technology trusted by the world’s foremost militaries and special forces.


When competing long range the Polarizer helps reduce glare on a sunny day and help cut the haze in the rain!  Designed to fit on the ocular end of your optic this acts the same as polarized sunglasses for your scope.


Sunguard ARDs are designed to fit inside Butler Creek and Quake flip covers.

Laser Filters

Tenebræx® has patented placing a killFLASH ® ARD in front of a Laser filter. 

Protect your eyes, your laser filter and your location! SEE NOT SEEN®